A message from Meg Widholm, founder of Snack Like a Local

I started Snack Like a Local in 2011 with the goal of:

  • Supporting local business/government
  • Reducing usage of non-renewable fossil fuels
  • Creating jobs
  • Leaving my desk job (or at least improving the snacks available to me at my desk job)
Future goals include going zero waste with our snack packaging, creating an employee program based on a 30-hour week and offering profit sharing to our employees.

In the last two years, the majority of our customers have been acquired by national conglomerates who focus on the bottom line rather than the triple bottom line and we have lost their business. Sadly, we have run out of capital to keep going.

I'd like to share a few stats with you. We donated over $1k to non-profits through our Charity of the Month program. We enabled people to choose local chips over 50,000 times, local nutritional bars over 25,000 times and local popcorn over 10,000 times. I have had an absolute blast for the last 7 years. I have learned a lot about business and we built a killer infrastructure. This was an education I couldn't have gotten in a classroom.

Much Love in Snacking,
Meg Widholm
Proprietor, Snack Like a Local