About Us


What Drives Us
Everywhere we look-- at the deli, at work, the corner store, the airport, in the hospital cafeteria, the same snack options are available that have been around since the dawn of time. The mainstream brands have built themselves a reputation as "trusted" and "comfort foods" with no reason to change or improve. At Snack Like a Local, we believe it's time to up the ante and offer superior alternatives.

Why Local?

  • Local Food is Fresher and Tastes Better
  • Keeps Our Food Supply Authentic
  • Creates Good Jobs
  • Supports Local Businesses and Farms
  • Saves Gas, Saves the Planet

About the Founder
In 2011 Meg Widholm began Snack Like a Local in Philadelphia, PA. After 12 years working with technology in corporate America, burning late night oil meant she was visiting the vending machine regularly. Finally, Meg decided it was time for a change. The need for convenient food is not going away, so why not focus on spreading awareness about local brands and food that would help the community?

If you love Philly and you love food, shoot us an email. We'd love to hear from you!